Admins and Contributors

The following six entities were among those originally signed on to edit and facilitate the maintinance of the Tangst community. Contributors and admins are listed in order of chronological seniority. Each person's name links to a page speifically for that user.
  • Sithgirl - The creator and original administrator of Tangst, she maintains and updates the website on a daily basis and is usually the one that converts comments into new posts. Recently, sithgirl added a Tangst blog to inform users of the changes taking place on the site and allow them to make suggestions for improvements. As part of Tangst's evolution, she extended administrative invitations to other users in order to increase maintinance quality on the site. On 3 January 2006, she announced that she would be taking a sabbatical from site administration beginning the week following Enloe High School's midterm exams. Sithgirl's real name is Heather Sit, a fact she has never bothered to deny. The alias of "sithgirl" is actually based on her given name: Sit + H = sith. However, she has confessed that her fondness for Star Wars further encouraged her use of the term.

  • PChis - The second longest official contributor to Tangst, PChis is most known for commenting on posts with high levels of controversy, often calling out other posters for flaws in their arguments and trying to regulate a certain level of decorum and use of common sense rationale. As of 16 January 2006, PChis is also an administrator. He has publically admitted himself to be Peter Chisnell, an Enloe student.

  • CajunExplosion - The third longest official contributor, CajunExplosion's posts tend to cast him in the light of being an example of the angsty hormone-driven teen.

  • To be perfectly frank, I think this makes me sound shallow. - CajunExplosion
  • knight_racer979 - The fourth contributor to be added, but the first to be shrouded in mystery, knight_racer began his run offering advice to the lovelorn while seeking some for himself at the same time. He is the first contributor to ask for contributor status on the site instead of directly contacting sithgirl in real life.

  • DoctorAnonymous - The fifth contributor added and the second full administrator, DoctorAnonymous has undergone several screen name changes, of which "DoctorAnonymous" is the most recent. He contributes in the form of post conversions and original posts done directly onto the site. For a short time, he was known as PoeticRetreat and wrote several angsty poems.

  • Maverick - The sixth contributor, Maverick officially began as the site's masked poet extraordinaire. At first, he declined an invitation to be an official contributor. When asked a second time, he finally agreed, realizing that greater control over the formatting of his poems could be achieved this way.
After posting a call for new administrators to facilitate the transition to her sabbatical, sithgirl added the following people to the official list of contributors, giving to some the powers of administration:
  • JagMax - The seventh contributor. He has yet to post anything under this alias. He was later granted the fifth full administrative duty.

  • TintedFragipan - The eighth contributor, TintedFragipan, another poem poster, is one of the original patrons of the site since its inception. He has recently come out to the general public on the site, inspiring one of the most controversial and highly commented on posts in the site's entire history, a debate on the nature of homosexuality. He was later granted the fourth full administrative role.

  • 龙年 - The ninth contributor and third administrator, he is known for his short quips in response to comments on posts rather than on the posts themselves. He also fills the niche of sithgirl's tech advisor, helping her with various design issues.

  • Hannah - The tenth contributor to the site, Hannah is another of the known original patrons. On several occasions, she has been accused of being obvious about which posts are hers due to their content.

  • Iced T - The eleventh contributor.

  • Thewordofrashi - The twelfthcontributor.

  • SD - The thirteenth contributor.

  • Nanotyrannus - The fourteenth contributor.

  • SwalesT'shooth - The fifteenth contributor.

  • Graffiti Pastry - The sixteenth contributor.