Prose/Poetry Policies

We finally launched the site!

Boy did it take us a long time. Let me just tell you guys first off that the archives are hellish to sort through. Finding all the poetry and close to story-ish things everyone's ever posted was hard work.

However, it was so worth it. I'm still amazed at how impressive the bodies of work by Tangst posters is. Extensive, insightful, and creative.

That being said, since the new site is going to be mainly prose and poetry, it is obviously going to need some different policies.

- The first change from the main site is that comments on the works here will never end. They can be posted whenever. I won't bother archiving comments - the authors can do that themselves if they so wish. Comments will never be disabled on any of the posts, except for the ones I put up as notices for outages and such.

- Second change is that the copyrights go to both the site and the author, author being first, always.

- The censorship on here will probably end up being even less restrictive than on Tangst. Artistic license is always something that'll be respected, but if it is damaging to another person, we do retain the right to refuse to post your work.

- All of the poetry/prose posted to Tangst will appear on this site unless explicitly stated by the author. Just add it as a footnote to the post - we'll delete the footnote when we post it on Tangst and respect the author's wishes.

- Anything that isn't poetry or prose will be posted on Tangst and removed from the poetry/prose site. That site is a haven for those writers because they were getting so much flack from other posters on the site for not having "typical" confessions.

Edits will of course be made to this as things come up. The dynamic nature of websites demands this.