In October 2005, with the growing popularity of Facebook, the creator of Tangst also began a group on Facebook for Tangst entitled "Tangsty." This group has accounted for much of the increased traffic on the Tangst website. However, it is the general consensus that word of mouth and links in AIM profiles are the largest factors resulting in the initial growth of the site.

With the start of the New Year, Tangst gained an affiliate site started by "one of the Colorado kids." While Tangst is listed as an inspiration for the Colorado site, The Walls Have Eyes is considered an affiliate by the Tangst creator.

With the expansion of the administrative base, Tangst is constantly maintained and supported. Beginning January 2006, almost all Tangsts are published to the main page within 30 minutes of submission. The rare exceptions to this are posts that occur between 3am and 5am, EST. The admins have to sleep sometime.