Tangst Policies


Contained on this page are three sets of information of importance to users of Tangst(TM) community sites: Site Policies, Legal References, and Policy Revisions. By using Tangst(TM) community sites, you agree to the information and terms outlined hereafter.


  1. By submitting to Tangst (henceforth a reference to any Tangst Community site), you grant the admins the right to censor or otherwise modify your comments and posts in any way shape or form. We avoid censoring submissions, but there have been a few occasions in which censorship has been exercised per necessity.

  2. Opinions and views expressed on Tangst are those of individual posters and should not be construed as a reflection of those held by the communtiy at large or its administrators. Tangst may contain content you find objectionable. Your consent to these terms affirms that the Tangst community, its administrators, and its parent host Blogger may not be held liable for the quality of content published to Tangst, Tangsty Prose & Poetry (Tangsty), or The Tangst Blog (Tangstblog). There are no further warnings.

  3. Copyright infringements committed on the pages of Tangst, Tangsty, and Tangstblog are violations transgressed by the posters to these sites. The Tangst administrators stand by their committment to ensure proper attribution of credit for such works, though no guarantee exists that such attributions will be correct. If you have a complaint regarding copyrighted material posted to any of the Tangst community sites, email my.tangst@gmail.com or contact any of the site admins.

  4. Tangst community sites (Tangst, Tangsty, or Tangstblog) may contain links to foreign (non-Tangst) websites. The content available at these external sites is not under the authority of the Tangst admins; linkage carries no guarantee of accuracy, quality, timeliness, or coolness for the external content.

  5. Tangst community sites are made available for personal, non-commercial use only. Users of these sites may not use their resources to advertise/sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to internet resources for commercial reasons. If users choose to use the site for spamming purposes, the Tangst administration reserves the right to exercise measures blocking their access on an individual, case-by-case basis.

  6. It is highly unlikely that posters to Tangst community sites are licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists of any kind. If you have serious personal circumstances, you should actively seek help from a licensed professional. A bunch of teenagers giving each other romantic advice is very different from a bunch of teenagers giving each other medical advice. While neither should be taken completely seriously, the latter can be much more dangerous to your health.

  7. The Tangst administrators reserve the right to modify or terminate Tangst community sites and/or their policies for any reason, without notice or liability to community members or any who may have an interest vested in their existence. We also reserve the right to modify these terms of service without notice. Please review these policies occasionally to remain apprised of any changes.

  8. We're not legal scholars, yet. We're also not therapists or psychologists. We're high school Seniors who barely know their own minds.


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  1. [Sithgirl] Comments will not be allowed on posts over a month old. At that point, they're a pain to find and archive, and so few people post comments on things after they're off the main page anyways, so this is pretty practical. (01/06/2006)

  2. [Sithgirl] Tangst (TM) isn't a registered trademark, but considering how much I've popularized it, I think I should get a bit of credit for it. That's just courtesy. Or netiquette. I'm not sure which, to be honest. (01/06/2006)

  3. [Sithgirl] The time window for commenting on posts is being reduced to a week, starting today. I have to have less lag time for the archives with the new system I want to implement. With the addition of all the new admins, I have to have a better record of all the posts, just in case something happens. It's not that I don't trust them, it's just that anything could happen, and I have to be prepared for that. (01/15/2006)

  4. [Sithgirl] Specifics about the censorship policy are located here. (01/21/2006)

  5. [龙年] Policy listing updated for easily discernible numeration and reference. (02/12/2006)

  6. [Sithgirl] I'm adding a clarification for the definition of "commercial" in Section E. For the purposes of Tangst, "commercial" is being defined in terms of money. So the section should now read as "no monetary gain." (04/14/2006)

  7. [龙年] Policies updated to reflect the evolution of Tangst into a larger community managed by a group of admins, as well as decisions made regarding community events. Also added are links to cross-refrenced content to ensure transparency of management. Policy page format updated for readability and cleanliness. (08/09/2006)